We're Going Virtual!

This year’s IEEE-IAS/PCA Cement Conference will take place on The Aggregate 3-D platform, and will offer ​attendees and exhibitors the same valuable interaction and face-to-face conversation opportunities as in year’s past.  



This won’t be the typical zoom meeting you hate to attend and can easily space out on. Instead of video chat tiles that remind everyone that they are in separate places, avatars in The Aggregate feel together in the same environment. Avatars can interact via voice chat, text chat, or playful animations.



Attending this virtual conference is identical to attending an in person conference, with no travel required! Lobby and community areas allow attendees to interact and converse with each other while sharing information such as company details, contact info, etc.  



You'll never miss a presentation again! On demand presentations are available after each session and can be viewed at your convenience.  Private meeting space is available throughout The Aggregate 3-D Platform.  Communal areas allow multiple attendees to join into a group conversation as if they were standing there in person together. 



Virtual meet up spots are located throughout The Aggregate World.  Looking for a colleague or friend? Walk up to the mezzanine area to search for them in the exhibit hall or take a look around to find a booth that you'd like to visit.  


Each exhibit booth is completely interactive and customizable.  Companies can display their logos, websites, power points, and videos on the screens located within their booth, creating a unique interaction with each attendee that stops by. 


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Different booth sizes allow each company to design their atmosphere using their company's logos, colors, and theme.  Multiple screens and seating areas within booth space allow targeted information to be displayed.  1-on-1 conversation with potential clients can take place within a booth, communal meet up space, or a private conference room.  


Sign into The Aggregate each morning to attend the conference.  Walk around the exhibit hall, talk with potential clients, and interact with other vendors.  Ready to attend this years conference?


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